A Conversation with Hari Shroff | Bitesize Bio Podcasts and Zeiss Microscopy

A Conversation with Hari Shroff | Bitesize Bio Podcasts and Zeiss Microscopy

In this delightful podcast, MBL Fellow Hari Shroff delves into memories (fond and not so much) of his childhood in England; his lifelong interest in tool building, “by luck” taking a post-doc in the lab of Eric Betzig and helping to develop a microscopy technology that went on to win a Nobel Prize; the uncertainties of starting his own lab at the National Institutes of Health; the pressures of work/life balance; and the “massive playground” he is now exploring of deep learning as applied to microscopy. Oh… and “Woods Hole is an amazing place. Everybody should go and take courses at the MBL,” says Shroff, former co-director of the MBL’s Optical Microscopy and Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences course and a regular presence in the MBL Whitman Center.

Interview by Peter O’Toole

Young, successful and still so disarming. In this episode, Hari Shroff (NIH) reveals what it was like to work in the exciting area of Super-Resolution microscopy during its infancy, and discusses working in the early days of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus.

Hari discusses his latest work and the efforts that go behind such a high impact publication while also talking about the advice and patience he needed when setting up his own lab. Unwittingly, Hari and Peter O’Toole’s paths came very close as Hari spent some of his youth in Peter’s city of Birmingham in the UK, which unfortunately was not the place that it is thankfully now.

Thank you, Hari, for taking the time to chat, especially as he is juggling work with a young family, as well as his work family, which is evident from the interview. Listen here …

Source: The Microscopists: A Podcast by BioSize Bio and Zeiss Microscopy