Summer Undergraduates at MBL Inspire a Variety of Research Topics

Summer Undergraduates at MBL Inspire a Variety of Research Topics

Leron Perez of University of Chicago explains his poster to MBL Distinguished Scientist Ivan Valiela. Perez studied greenhouse gas emissions in coastal wetlands with MBL Associate Scientist Jim Tang.

As the summer spills into fall, nearly 60 undergraduates who spent the summer at MBL are returning home to more than 25 institutions around the nation, having found many opportunities to learn from the scientific talent and generous biodiversity of the Woods Hole ecosystem.

Many of the students developed a research project with mentorship from MBL-affiliated scientists and faculty, and presented their results in poster sessions and in the MBL Undergraduate Research Symposium in August. Their presentations proved that there was no shortage of enthusiasm, determination, and hard work in this year’s MBL summer undergraduate cohort.

Below are photos of some of the participants in the 2017 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at MBL; the University of Chicago Jeff Metcalf Undergraduate Scholars program; and the Woods Hole Partnership Educational Program (PEP) program.

Research and photos by Emily Zollo

Kaysi Herrera-Pujols of Dartmouth College presents on the actin cytoskeleton in neurons, which she studied with Elizabeth Jonas and Len Kaczmarek of Yale University.

Amy Huang of University of Chicago’s poster is on “an ancestral role for RNA editing in innate immunity,” which she studied with MBL Senior Scientist Joshua Rosenthal.

Gyasi Alexander of University of Rhode Island speaks on coral bleaching research and science communication. He was mentored by MBL Associate Scientist Loretta Roberson.

Thomas Rhines of University of Chicago worked with MBL Associate Scientist Michael Shribak to develop a method to measure the resolution of optical microscopes.

Alayna G. Mackiewicz of University of Minnesota, Duluth presents the results of her toadfish vocalization studies with Allen Mensinger, also of University of Minnesota, Duluth.

University of Chicago student Isa Alvarez shows her poster to MBL scientist Michael Shribak, right.  She studied the human tongue microbiome with MBL Associate Scientist Jessica Mark Welch, at left.