Squid’s Shimmer is Captured by MBL Microscope | @NikonInst

Squid's Shimmer is Captured by MBL Microscope | @NikonInst

Jocelyn Malamy and Elizabeth Lee of University of Chicago have been working with MBL’s Michael Shribak to apply a new technique for imaging jellyfish and other transparent marine and fresh water animals. In the video below, the iridescent colors depict the birefringent layers in squid skin. This video was captured with the polychromatic polarization microscope, which was invented at the MBL.

Here are plankton (copepods) darting about, also captured at MBL with the polychromatic polarization microscope:


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  1. I am unable to view this because it requires signing in to #polarization or to one of several other feeds, all attached to Twitter, with which I do not have (and prefer to have) an account. Can this be sent simply as a video to view directly thru a link to the article ?

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