Six MBL Affiliates Receive HHMI Investigator Awards

Six MBL Affiliates Receive HHMI Investigator Awards

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Investigator Awards provide flexible research funding to scientists diving into tough questions across the fields of biology and medicine.

Six of the 33 recently named 2021 HHMI Investigators are members of the MBL’s research, education and alumni communities. Each investigator will receive roughly $9 million over a seven-year term. Winners were selected from more than 800 eligible applicants.

“HHMI is committed to giving outstanding biomedical scientists the time, resources, and freedom they need to explore uncharted scientific territory,” HHMI President Erin O’Shea said in a press release. “By employing scientists as HHMI Investigators, rather than awarding them research grants, she says, the Institute is guided by the principle of “people, not projects.”

Congratulations to the new HHMI Investigators in the MBL community:

Emily Balskus, Harvard University
Alumna, Microbial Diversity (2009)

Diana Bautista, University of California, Berkeley
Course Director, Neurobiology (2018-2019, 2021)
Course Faculty, Neurobiology (2009-2016)

Flaminia Catteruccia, Harvard University
Course Director, Biology of Parasitism (2018, 2019, 2021)
Course Faculty, Biology of Parasitism (2015-2017)

Cassandra Extavour, Harvard University
Course Faculty, Physiology (2017)
Course Faculty, Embryology (2007 – 2009)
Alumna, Embryology (2002)

Vanessa Ruta, The Rockefeller University
Course Faculty, Neurobiology (2016)
Alumnus, Neurobiology (2000)

Elizabeth Villa, University of California, San Diego
Alumna, Physiology (2007)

See the full list of 2021 HHMI Investigators 


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