Seeing Fireworks in the MBL’s Advanced Research Courses

Seeing  Fireworks in the MBL's  Advanced Research Courses

It’s the season when the MBL’s Twitter feed is bursting with scientific images and movies that students and faculty are generating in the Advanced Research Courses. Many of these amazing images are possible due to the generous loan of top-shelf equipment from partnering vendors. Below are just a few examples. Follow along @MBLScience to keep up!

Here are two from the Embryology Course:

Exploring polarized light microscopy:

Not to be outdone, the Physiology Course offers these microscopy fireworks (a renactment of a classic experiment at MBL, in which Ron Vale and colleagues discovered the kinesin motor protein family):

And another:

Downstairs in Neural Systems & Behavior, the students are not only imaging neurons, but listening to them: