Popular Poster Session Showcases Undergraduate Research at MBL

Popular Poster Session Showcases Undergraduate Research at MBL

By Jane Marks

On August 15, student researchers enrolled in several MBL programs showcased their recent discoveries at a lively poster session in Swope Center. Each of the 33 undergraduates had been mentored over the summer by a scientist from the MBL, the University of Chicago, or another institution through the MBL Whitman Center. The students’ research abstracts are posted here.

As the summer comes to a close, the students are returning to their home institutions all over the country to continue their studies and further their scientific endeavors.  Congratulations to all!

Summer undergraduate researchers at the MBL in 2019 pose with program coordinators Allen Mensinger, University of Minnesota-Duluth (back row, far left), William Green, University of Chicago (back row, center right), Jean Enright, MBL (back row, second from right) and Veronica Martinez-Acosta, University of the Incarnate Word (front row, fourth from right). Credit: Megan Costello

Linda Hyman, MBL’s new Director of Education, congratulates the undergraduates for their accomplishments over the summer and welcomes them to the MBL family. Credit: Megan Costello

Claudia Rodríguez López of Williams College presenting her work on generating gene knockouts in the striped pyjama squid (Sepioloidea lineolata) using CRISPR-Cas9. Her mentors were Joshua Rosenthal and Namrata Ahuja of the MBL. Credit: Jane Marks

Marina Vargas (left) with her mentor, Veronica Martinez-Acosta, both of University of the Incarnate Word. Vargas focused her research on regeneration of photoreceptors in an aquatic worm, Lumbriculus variegatus. Credit: Megan Costello

Nicole McCarthy (left) with mentor Jennifer Morgan of the MBL. McCarthy, from Carthage College, studied the functional recovery of burrowing behavior in sea lampreys after spinal cord injury. She also worked with Hilary Katz of MBL. Credit: Megan Costello

Eric Chen from the University of Chicago spent the summer identifying genetic markers in  the crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis to address longstanding questions on the origin of the insect wing as an evolutionary novelty. His mentors were Nipam Patel and Heather Bruce of the MBL. Credit: Megan Costello

Claire Bekker (pictured) and Samantha Valentine of Brown University researched the impacts of eutrophication and sea level rise on the ecology of Great Sippewissett Marsh in Falmouth. They focused on how these impacts affect marsh platform elevation, marsh vegetation, and species dominance. They were mentored by MBL scientists Javier Lloret and Ivan Valiela. Credit: Jane Marks

Members of the MBL community chat with undergraduate researchers at their poster session. Credit: Megan Costello