New Publications: June 2021

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Every month, research from MBL scientists and affiliates is published in academic journals across the globe. In June 2021, seven new studies were published. MBL-affiliated authors are in bold.

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June 2021

Arenas Gómez, C. M., & Echeverri, K. (2021). Salamanders: The molecular basis of tissue regeneration and its relevance to human disease. Current Topics in Developmental Biology. 145, 235-275.

Huang, Y. S., Zheng, Y. S., Heng, P., Giosan, L., & Coolen, M. J. L. (2021). Black Sea paleosalinity evolution since the last deglaciation reconstructed from alkenone-inferred Isochrysidales diversity. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 564.

Miyoshi, J., Miyoshi, S., Delmont, T. O., Cham, C., Lee, S. T. M., Sakatani, A., Yang, K., Shan, Y., Kennedy, M., Kiefl, E., Yousef, M., Crosson, S., Sogin, M., Antonopoulos, D. A., Eren, A. M., Leone, V., & Chang, E. B. (2021). Early-life microbial restitution reduces colitis risk promoted by antibiotic-induced gut dysbiosis in IL-10-/- mice. Gastroenterology.

Nakamura, M., Yoshida, H., Moriyama, Y., Kawakita, I., Wlizla, M., Takebayashi-Suzuki, K., Horb, M. E., & Suzuki, A. (2021). TGF-beta 1 signaling is essential for tissue regeneration in the Xenopus tadpole tail. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 565, 91-96.

Pérez Castro, S., Borton, M. A., Regan, K., Hrabe de Angelis, I., Wrighton, K. C., Teske, A. P., Strous, M., & Ruff, S. E. (2021). Degradation of biological macromolecules supports uncultured microbial populations in Guaymas Basin hydrothermal sediments. ISME.

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Pomerantz, Aaron F.,  Radwanul H. Siddique, Elizabeth I. Cash, Yuriko Kishi, Charline Pinna, Kasia Hammar, Doris Gomez, Marianne Elias and Nipam H. Patel (2021) Developmental, cellular and biochemical basis of transparency in clearwing butterflies. Journal of Experimental Biology,

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Vera, J., & Lippmann, K. (2021). Post-stroke epileptogenesis is associated with altered intrinsic properties of hippocampal pyramidal neurons leading to increased theta resonance. Neurobiology of Disease (105425), 105425-105425.

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