National Academy of Sciences Elects Eleven MBL Alumni, Faculty

National Academy of Sciences Elects Eleven MBL Alumni, Faculty

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has announced the election of 84 new members and 21 foreign associates, including several MBL course faculty and alumni. NAS members are elected by their peers in the Academy, in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original scientific research.

Congratulations to:

Belkaid, Yasmine (National Institutes of Health) — Faculty, Biology of Parasitism, 2008-2011

Bergmann, Dominique (Stanford University) — Alumna, Embryology, 1997

Buzsáki, György (New York University Langone Medical Center) — Faculty, Methods in Computational Neuroscience, 2009

Ginty, David D. (HHMI/Harvard Medical School) — Faculty, Neurobiology, 1999

Hatten, Mary E. (The Rockefeller University) — Alumna, Neurobiology 1975; Faculty, Neurobiology, 1986

Locksley, Richard M. (HHMI/University of California, San Francisco) — Faculty, Biology of Parasitism, 1991, 1993, 1994

Nunnari, Jodi M. (University of California, Davis) – Faculty, Physiology, 2016

Pringle, John Robert (Stanford University) — Alumnus, Embryology, 1964; Faculty, Frontiers in Host-Microbe Interactions, 2015

Sibley, L. David (Washington University School of Medicine) — Alumnus, Biology of Parasitism, 1983; Faculty, Biology of Parasitism, 1997-2000, 2013

Sprent, Jonathan (Garvan Institute of Medical Research) — Faculty, Molecular & Cell Immunology, 1988

Van Essen, David C. (Washington University School of Medicine) — Alumnus, Embryology, 1968

Since 1960, 263 members of MBL’s scientific community have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.