MBL Hosts the 42nd Nikon Small World Competition Judging

MBL Hosts the 42nd Nikon Small World Competition Judging

By Alison Crawford

A panel of journalists and scientists hunkered down at the MBL on June 7-8 to evaluate more than 2,000 images and videos of nature, vividly magnified by light microscopy — from chemical compounds to luminous biological specimens. The task at hand was to select the winners of the 42nd Nikon Small World Competition, the judging of which has been held at the MBL for the past several years. The competition, which draws entries from around the world, is designed to showcase the synergy between art and science through microscopy.

Judges vetting the 2017 entries included: Robert Krulwich, host of National Public Radio’s “Radiolab”; Business Insider’s David Mosher; NIH Distinguished Investigator and MBL Whitman Center Scientist Clare Waterman; Northwestern University and Whitman Center cell biologist Bob Goldman; and Eric Clark, research coordinator and applications developer at Florida State University.

The 2016 Nikon Small World winners are currently on exhibit in Lillie Laboratory at the MBL, and a reception will be held July 13. To see a gallery of winning images from prior years, visit nikonsmallworld.com.

The 2017 photo winners will be announced October and the video winners will be announced in early December.

Judges pay close attention to detail as they assess more than 2,000 entries to the Nikon Small World competition at the MBL. Credit: Alison Crawford

Top photo: The 2016 first place image by Oscar Ruiz features a zebrafish embryo. Source.