MBL community members elected to National Academy of Sciences

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has elected 84 new members, including several from the Marine Biological Laboratory community, in recognition of their “distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.”

The new NAS members with MBL ties are: Helen Blau, Stanford University (Invertebrate Zoology alumnus), John C. Boothroyd, Stanford University (former Biology of Parasitism course director), Joseph DeRisi, University of California-San Francisco (former Physiology faculty), Stephen J. Evans, University of California-Riverside (Invertebrate Zoology alumnus), Mary Lou Guerinot, Dartmouth College (former Physiology faculty), Eugene Koonin, National Institutes of Health (former Microbial Diversity faculty), Robert Krumlauf, Stowers Institute (former Embryology faculty), Amita Sehgal, HHMI/University of Pennsylvania (former Neurobiology faculty), Geraldine Seydoux, Johns Hopkins (former Embryology faculty), Frederick Sigworth, Yale School of Medicine (Neurobiology alumnus; former faculty, Methods in Computational Neuroscience), Pamela Soltis, University of Florida (former faculty, Workshop on Molecular Evolution).

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Source: National Academy of Sciences