Science journalists take research crash course at MBL

Science journalists take research crash course at MBL

Twelve intrepid science journalists spent 10 days this spring delving into biological or environmental research at the MBL, under the guidance of scientists. The journalists were 2016 recipients of fellowships from the MBL Logan Science Journalism Program, now entering its 31st year. In the spirit of the MBL’s “learning by discovery” model, the journalists learned how to frame a research question, gather and analyze data, and (scariest of all) present their results to their colleagues at a mini-symposium at the end of the program.

“This program showed me what it’s like to think like a scientist, and for that reason, will undoubtedly change the way I write about research,”said fellow David Levin. “It was far and away the most valuable fellowship I’ve done to date.”

Fellow Michael Stone captured highlights in the video below.

Source: Trek Dig Media, YouTube

2016 Logan Science Journalism Program Biomedical Fellows:
Lisa Gillespie, Kaiser Health News
Phoebe Hall, Brown Medicine
Alec Hamilton, WNYC (NPR)
Rod McCullom, Freelance Global Health Writer and Producer
Sudhi Oberoi, Indian Institute of Science
Michael Stone, Freelance Journalist
Mark Wolverton*, Freelance Science Writer/Author
*Woods Hole Fellow

Environmental Fellows:
Shanna Baker, Hakai Magazine
Jennifer Barrios, Newsday
Bethany Brookshire*, Science News
Sasha Chapman*, Freelance Journalist
David Levin, Pellet Productions
Emiliano Rodríguez Mega, Freelance Science Journalist
*Alaska Field Experience Fellowship