Data Lost, Ships Stalled, Lobsters Released | WCAI

Data Lost, Ships Stalled, Lobsters Released | WCAI

MBL’s Anne Giblin comments on how field sites for ecological research — and the important year-over-year data scientists collect there — are impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

By Eve Zuckoff

Last month, Aran Mooney, an associate scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), could be found peering into massive tubs in the wet lab where he works.

“We’re giving lobsters a hearing test,” he said over the lab’s hum in late February.

Mooney studies how all kinds of animals—turtles, whales, shrimp—hear and make sounds. But in recent weeks, all of that research has stopped. Read more …

Caption: A Great Blue Heron at the MBL-led Plum Island Ecosystems Long Term Ecological Research site in Rowley, Mass. Photo courtesy of the NSF LTER Archives.

Source: Data Lost, Ships Stalled, Lobsters Released: What Woods Hole Scientists Have Left Behind | WCAI