Can You Summarize Your Research in Two Minutes?

Can You Summarize Your Research in Two Minutes?
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This summer, scientists from the MBL’s resident and Whitman Center programs are joining forces to present “Flash Talks” to the public and MBL community. Each speaker has a mere two minutes to tell the big-picture story of his or her research.

Research topics have ranged from how marine animals interact with fluids to carbon dioxide monitoring in natural and crop ecosystems. Neil Shubin, interim co-director of the MBL, spoke about the evolution of limbs and David Mark Welch, interim director of the MBL Division of Research, spoke about genome evolution in response to stress such as desiccation and ionizing radiation.

The talks provide a platform for all MBL researchers to disseminate new ideas and encourage collaborations.

The next and last set of Flash Talks will be on Wednesday, July 19 at 4 p.m. in the Meigs Room (Swope Center).