Arctic scientists gather in Woods Hole

Arctic scientists gather in Woods Hole

More than 65 ecologists and earth system scientists gathered at MBL in April for the annual Arctic LTER All-Scientists meeting. The Arctic LTER, led by Ecosystems Center Senior Scientist Gus Shaver, investigates the dynamics of the tundra, lake and stream ecosystems on the North Slope of Alaska and is based at Toolik Field Station.

The Arctic LTER All-Scientists meeting attracts a collaborative mix of senior investigators, post docs and graduate students who take advantage of the long-term experiments and ecological datasets that the LTER develops, maintains and makes available to the broader scientific community.

Later this year, Ecosystems Center Senior Scientist Edward Rastetter will assume leadership of the Arctic LTER project. Read more …

Source: MBL Ecosystems Center

MBL Senior Scientist Gus Shaver in the field at Toolik Field Station. Credit: Meera Subramanian, Logan SJP

Gus Shaver collects field data in arctic Alaska. Credit: Meera Subramanian